28 March to 3 April 2016 – Ival – Unions – Mobilization – Innovation -.

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28 March to 3 April 2016 – Ival – Unions – Mobilization – Innovation -. The Notepad this week looks back on a week full of events and reflection. With first publication Wednesday "schools of indicator results" unfortunately presented as a record. The same day also held the Innovation Day organized by the Ministry, we will try to see the issues. And Thursday was the second great day of mobilization against the "Labor Law". We are interested there in terms of high school mobilization. That he was going to Grenoble this week? union congress that of the SNES-FSU and UNSA-Education. At either end of the town and on positions equally distant Ival … Like every year the Ministry of Education published (Wednesday 30 March) the "high school performance indicators." And like every year, it struggles to explain that this is not a ranking but, as the saying DEPP, a "management tool" for principals, of whether the shares teaching conducted are satisfactory or not. Except that the press, with rare exceptions, seizes every year to make a record anyway …! Just read the headlines and online sites to be convinced: "Most high schools in 2015: the winners" (Huffington Post), "What are the most successful high schools in France?" (BBC), " our list of high schools in 2016 has arrived! "(The Point)," Ranking of the 2016 schools: schools that are most successful "(BBC)," Classification of the best high schools in 2015 "(Europe1). Only Liberation shows originality titrating "This is not a record." Marie Caroline Missir, editor of the student, is interested in his blog (The Mammouthologue) upon receipt of such information. "The idea of ??ranking, she wrote collides three beliefs of the Republican school: equal access for all to the same training offer, at least until the tray, the lack of competition between establishments, and the choice of a school based on geographic proximity. But that was before. "According to her" the polemical potential of these rankings is now part defused. She sees three reasons: first because DEPP insists on the "added value" that puts into perspective the logic of the ranking, but also believes the journalist because these data correspond to the logic of the new consumption patterns and information on the Internet where one seeks the "advice" and other notations for any kind of act of consumption (restaurants, housing, etc.). And fnally because the regular publications of PISA and other international comparisons have accustomed us to this logic of evaluation and management by results. And concluded as follows: "In a way, the decision of the Ministry to operate" rVAL "or indicators of value is a way to acknowledge this reality and to showcase the true power of teachers: to succeed all students, regardless of their environment "for its sister Louise Tourret on Slate.fr with what appears still as a ranking" institution flatters well french tropism. obsession rankings, the preference for high school diplomas and love. ". And, provocation, it offers rather assess primary schools as "the sociology of education has taught us long ago that the results at the end of CE1 predicted so fair enough after school .". Apart from this list we can deplore this publication could also afford to give shots projectors on what works and high schools that seem to succeed. For the best high schools are not necessarily those expected. So we did get a report on the LP2i, experimental high school Jaunay-Clan near Poitiers, another on the Galilee school in Gennevilliers or the Alfred Nobel School of Clichy sous bois. High schools that really deserve media attention, far from the major schools of downtown to the often elitist policy. For Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, in an interview to Le Monde: "There is as obvious: what makes a" good "school are first" good "teams – teachers but also all personal : those in leadership, health, coaching, guidance … the indicators published today allow us to account, black on white, commitment of the entire team, hailing those who were able to think their collectivement.Ce practices is not a coincidence: innovative educational initiatives, when worn together, creating a dynamic and are generating performance. "Unions – SNES-FSU conference in Grenoble on 28 April 1 – Congress UNSA-Education in Grenoble from March 29 to 31 … The" marking the pants "between the two unions is not that in social networks. it is also geographically … And the conference Sgen-CFDT from 23 to 27 May, where he? Oh, it’s in Aix les Bains, just 75 km from Grenoble … . seriously, the echoes of the two conventions clearly show cleavages and oppositions in the union landscape but also redials come. so one of the important themes of the SNES-FSU congress was "thinking a new trade union tool". If resulted in clear, there is discussion of new rapprochement with the CGT (as it seemed to neutral). This reorganization seems to be in line with the law of 20 August 2008 on union representation that grows reconciliations. In the "reformist" camp, the issue of NEAR tO ement between UNSA and CFDT had also often been mentioned. Since then, more news. Presumably the medium term, the trade union landscape in general (and therefore also in education) may evolve. It is surprising the low coverage of the congress of the union which is still the first union in the secondary. However, it learns by rare items Frederique Rolet only become general secretary of the union, supported by three assistants: Valerie Sipahimalani Xavier Marand (both already deputy secretaries-general) and entering this position, Benedict Test (Lyon). Roland Hubert, previously joint general secretary retires. In an interview with the AEF relayed by VousNousIls Frederique Rolet has expressed its willingness to "consult with colleagues to choose the next modes of action against the college reform." These actions can take the form, for example, "a boycott of class councils" or "joint event with the parents" A boycott of the patent "is not excluded, but the idea n is no entrance cleave, "she said. These words seem to join those of the vice president of SNALC-FGAF in the Letter of Education March 28, 2016. Asked by Luke Cedelle, Jean-Remi Girard said "Teachers are too polite! Their mobilisations today are to go on strike for a day and see what happens after. At one point, we should stop being nice and assert our claims by stronger and more effective action. We think, on SNALC that other forms of action are needed, which we have unfortunately not been followed by our Inter partners. Especially regarding examinations. We would have an inter strike the patent last year, no more talk of reform. ". Recall that the SNALC recently left the Inter reproaching him "to be too wait." From 29 to 31 March, has therefore also held in Grenoble on Congress UNSAEducation, partly at the same time as the SNESFSU, but at the other end of town. And at the other end of ideas. For a interview with Laurent Escure secretary general of the UNSA-Education in Educational Cafe. It says "We chose the combative reformism. this is not a blush that is in education with the college or the protest plan with Peillon agreements and achievements that have been obtained. We develop pride if only to avoid the gloom of climate in which we are. We want to show that trade unionism can be helpful from the moment we do not lie to people by promising unattainable things. It shows achievable goals and achieves them. And it gives confidence to the commitment in a union. ". In other statements he said that "the majority bloc of change" had "managed to win, especially through its support for the reform of college. The projects implemented by the government in education since 2012 are "neither perfect nor revolutionary" atil said, but they allow to "pick up the thread of the democratization of education." The Secretary General also spoke UNSAEducation stock of the last four years and particularly welcomed the fiscal effort of the government. "We will fight, he has been accused for its continuation. We can already a warning to anyone who would like a stroke of the pen to remove these improvements. ". Because the real question put to all the unions, then that specify the projects of the right is that of the post-2017 mobilizations … Thursday, March 31 was a new day of protest against the labor law. Despite the rain everywhere, it attracted more people than the first day. Several teachers’ unions called for protest. But we will focus especially by mobilizing students. Not that the actions of the employees is not important, but as I said in my previous notebook, the mobilization of young people, students and especially students, is monitored as the milk on the fire. Because the situation is often dangerous and anomic. There is of course a youth mobilization is done if the precise reading text but at least on a real concern about the future and fear of insecurity. The sociologist Camille Peugny said fine on EducPros: "What is certain is that young people feel that their interests are not taken into account even though the crisis which has lasted for several years, full of hits whip. With an unemployment rate of around 25% for young workers, twice that of the general population, they are the first victims of the economic downturn. "And he adds:" Moreover, they are well aware that decisions about labor law made today will have consequences for them throughout their careers, unlike their elders who have been able to do at least a good part of their journey on a protected labor market. It is not surprising that some young people live the proposed El Khomri act as a real aggression, especially that beyond the economic crisis, the French company barely make room in his youth. ". But in a nice text, a high school student on the Bondy Blog, to discuss the mobilization of youth, speaks of a movement "between conscious and immature" .Car to have lived many times, we know well that alongside a number of young people mobilized and politicized as there are more confused motives and violence that is expressed more readily in these benchmarks loss situations. It is also the observation made by a number of management staff as we i cant do my history homework
read in Les Echos: "The friendly atmosphere that characterized the blockade organized by the students on strike would no longer current. Over the movements in recent years, the tension would be made up. The violent excesses as the jets barriers on personal last week, are becoming more frequent. They are caused by "individuals we do not know and who are eager to relay on social networks," said a school head. ". In the name of such a finding that there has been a controversy between Parisian principals and the Rector. Some wanted to preemptively close schools, while the Rector recalled the need "for school leaders to ensure the continuity of public service and thus enable the reception of students who wish tomorrow, Thursday, March 31. A school can not be closed early. […] A closure can be considered the same day for absolute safety reasons proven, and can only be done in agreement with the President. ". The same day, 176 high schools were blocked Thursday morning at 9 am according to the Ministry of Education. The student union UNL advancing him the figure of 250 stranded institutions, a high school in ten. Blocking attempts have also continued the next day. Thus, the Headmaster of the School quoted Paul Bert (14) was "pushed" by opposing a lockout of its establishment by four masked individuals. In his fall, he would have lost a tooth. This "attack" led to many reactions (and even some political union recoveries). A single voice rose to mitigate the story of this "aggression": that of the person himself. For this we can go read the article in Liberation who gets the interview to France 2 where the Principal gives his version of events and runaway nuance and emphasis around this event. We spoke earlier of potential violence in the protests but do not forget that it was also the fact police officers themselves. And this is even more serious and unacceptable when it generates a return to violence. Several cases of police violence have been reported by the media. We however learned that the officer who gave the blow to the young Danon before the Bergson school last week after being heard by IGPN (the police of the police) was then referred to court. One can only rejoice that justice really do its job. The old fogy that I still remember the "I told you cover the police by the interior minister Charles Pasqua (and Minister of Public Security Robert Pandraud) before the death of Malik Oussekine in 1986. … Innovation on Wednesday, March 30 was held in the premises of the ESPE-Paris the innovation day organized by the Ministry of Education. . Of the 430 applicant teams, 30 teams were selected to present their device on the "Innovation Boulevard" and 8 of them were rewarded (7 by the jury and the audience award) by the "Award national innovation ". differentiated instruction, active methods inspired by Freinet and Montessori philosophical discussion referred, Twictee, using digital, work on school climate … the winning projects reflect the directions that can take today innovation in education. It can especially be pleased that the event organized by the Ministry (and in particular the DRDIE) has focused on the collective dimension of these projects. An innovative teacher is good, an innovative team is even better! But we see the good through the debate on the reform of the College, "Innovation" is a word increasingly trapped. . While she is encouraged by an institution that remains very marked by centralism and bureaucracy, innovation may be rejected by some teachers who see a threat and an injunction. Thus on social networks today, innovative teachers and initiatives such as those we mentioned above are mocked and that the discourse on innovation is seen as a speech inflicting guilt. The challenge is to reach beyond this and to ensure that the right to experiment is the heart of the business (and training. As I was formulating in a 2014 blog post, if the spirit of initiative was the rule, if the ordinary teaching was based on teamwork, experimentation and constant research, if programs and the organization of time left more room for maneuver, if we did a little more trust the teachers, if given a little more power to act, it would be … everyday innovation day! Happy reading … Philippe Watrelot this (tte) work is licensed under the terms of License Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial -. Sharing in the Same Conditions 3.0 France Published by Watrelot on Saturday, April 2, 2016


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